wimic agh

          On Friday, October 7, 2016. was held 67th inauguration of the new academic year 2016/2017 at the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics AGH.

          The ceremony was attended by Vice-Rector prof. Jerzy Lis, Deans and Vice-Deans of Faculties friendly with WIMiC, Presidents, Directors, representatives of companies and institutions cooperating with the Department, invited guests and students.
          After the solemn vow of students were given a list of the best students of the directions: chemical technology, materials engineering, ceramics and chemistry of building materials. As every year, have also been awarded Honorary Awards Keramos for people who particularly contributed to the development of the Faculty and became successful scientific and educational. This year's winners were:
- Dr. Mrityunjaya Singh - President of The American Ceramic Society, Ohio Aerospace Institute, NASA Glenn Research Center
- Prof. Henry Koroniak from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
- Prof. Wojciech Przetakiewicz of Maritime University
- President Helena Smolenska with the Artistic Handicraft Cooperative "Artistic Ceramics" in Bolesławiec
          During the ceremony, the award was presented to Ms. Carolina Kaczmarczyk at the hands of Mr. Przemysław Powalacza - President Geberit. Karolina has won the competition for the best concept of the master's thesis.
          One more award went to the hands of our Olympic medalists Ms. Maria Springwald.
          At the end of the ceremony the inaugural lecture was presented by dr. Aneta Frączek-Szczypta.
          After the inauguration was held open XI Forum Division - Industry.