wimic agh

Courses offered in English:


Contact person: Prof. Elzbieta Godlewska, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Courses offered (in Polish):

  • full-time engineer′s course
  • full-time master′s course
  • full-time supplementary master′s course
  • extramural engineer′s course
  • extramural supplementary master′s course
  • doctoral course
  • postgraduate course


Courses offered (in Polish):

  • chemical technology
  • materials engineering
  • ceramics (macro-field of study)
  • chemistry of building materials (unique direction)


in chemical technology:

  • ceramics and refractory materials technology
  • glass and amorphous coatings technology
  • building materials technology
  • analytical science and quality control

in materials engineering:

  • biomaterials and composites
  • functional materials
  • micro and nano materials technologies
  • functional materials - in English

in ceramics (macro-field of study):

  • technical and construction ceramics
  • ceramic and glass design
  • materials for conservation and revitalization